Konris Maynard is a young and proud Kittitian who is humbled by the call from the people of Constituency #3 and the Labour Party to represent the constituents of West Basseterre. His decision to accept the call to enter the political arena was not taken lightly or quickly but after many months of serious consideration.
The undefeated 6-time calypso monarch of St. Kitts and Nevis, King Konris has answered the higher calling of service and now offers himself as the candidate for constituency #3 where he grew up, lives with his wife and daughter as a computer and electrical engineer.  Konris’ drive and passion to achieve and excel will be a great asset in his quest to win big for the people of West Basseterre. Konris will use his creativity and community spirit to generate momentum for small business, technology innovation, education opportunities, sports development, agricultural advancement and cultural promotion.
In the end, in addition to his belief in the core philosophy of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party of empowerment of the masses, the final decision was determined by Konris’ strong desire to serve and to contribute in a direct and positive way to the development and prosperity of his community and country. As a young man who has grown up in the West Basseterre area, Konris knows first-hand some of the various needs of the community especially those affecting young people.
He is therefore anxious and ready to tackle West Basseterre’s community issues such as housing, land ownership, agriculture development, community and sporting facilities, cultural expressions, youth opportunity and empowerment, job creation, small business enterprise and alternative energy development.
Konris’ record and passion to achieve and excel will be a great asset as he tackles the various challenges of West Basseterre with the same tenacity, organization and talent that enabled him to perform with distinction in academia, in his professional life and to win six (6) back-to-back calypso monarch crowns.
Konris is therefore pledging to now WIN BIG for the people of West Basseterre both in the elections and when, with the help and blessings of the constituents, he becomes the next representative of the West Basseterre Constituency.