Dr Vance Gilbert

Dr Vance Gilbert, Candidate, Constituency # 7

Dr Vance Gilbert,
Candidate, Constituency # 7

Born in the village of Tabernacle to Mr. and Mrs. Clement Gilbert.  Started schooling at the Mount Carmel Baptist Preschool then on to the Tabernacle Primary All Age School which later changed to a primary school.

Secondary education at the Cayon High School after which went on to work for several years as a teacher and a pharmacy technical before going  on the university in Cuba to pursue studies in Spanish and Medicine. Participated in sports at all levels and was often valedictorian in high school and most integral student or several years in university.

Graduated from the Universidad de Cienfuegos with a Diploma in Spanish Language in 1999 and then Graduated from medical school in 2005.

Return home and began working as an emergency physician for several years at the JNF General Hospital. Worked as a House Officer for mental health Services for a period of 6 months while no psychiatrist was on the island. Present post is a District Medical Officer in the Challengers – Sandy Point area and is assigned to the Pogson Medical center. Has been in private practice since 2007 and is presently the managing director of New Life Health Care Center, Doctors office and Pharmacy Located on Cayon Street, Basseterre.

As a practicing medical doctor, Dr. Vance Gilbert has served the Federation in a multitude of positions: first and foremost in the medical field, but also within the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force. Upon completion of his studies in Havana, he returned to Constituency #7,where he was born, to live and work. Dr. Gilbert uses his community ties to uplift, to heal and to serve. Once elected, he will take the initiative to promote welfare programmes, improve infrastructure and push forward for institutional reform.

Has held a number of teaching positions in medical universities on the island, including adjunct professor of clinical sciences in Family medicine for Windsor University. An avid community activist having been involved in community groups, providing after school lessons, community charity events for the elderly and establishment of scout group which continues up to today.

Involved in community development and is a volunteer Soldier in the SKNDF currently holding the rank of Lieutenant. Is currently the head of the military HIV/AIDS program and has attended and participated in a number of regional and international activities relating to healthcare in the military.