Dr Norgen Wilson

Dr Norgen Wilson Candidate, Constituency #5

Dr Norgen Wilson
Candidate, Constituecny #5

Dr. Norgen Wilson was born in Sandy Point on November 2nd 1976 to parents Lindia Webster and Maxwell “Power” Wilson. He and his six siblings were raised in Sandy Point by his grandmother Gertrude “Sister” Webster and he attended Sandy Point Primary and Secondary school.

After graduating, he worked as a pharmacist in his father’s pharmacy until 1998 when a government-aided program provided him the opportunity to pursue a medical degree in Cuba. Returning to St Kitts in 2005 as a qualified doctor, Norgen served at JNF hospital until he was transferred to Pogson Hospital in his hometown, Sandy Point.

He currently holds the title of District Medical Officer for all communities ranging from Old Road through to Parsons. Norgen also holds post as Second Lieutenant in the St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, as well as lecturing for the Nursing Program at Clarence Fitzroy College.

As well as his contributions to protecting and educating the community, Norgen is also heavily involved with volunteering. He supports and donates to the Boys Brigade, serves as Vice President in the Community Improvement and Personal Empowerment Organisation (CIPEO), lectures on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, gangs and STIs at Sandy Point High School every Tuesday.

Dr. Norgen Wilson is devoted to serve, protect and improve the community of Sandy Point and the whole of St. Kitts and Nevis. He is a medical doctor dedicating most of his time at Pogson Hospital in Sandy Point, a lecturer for the nursing programme at Clarence Fitzroy Brant College, and a second lieutenant and security advisor to the St. Kitts and Nevis Defence Force. Dr. Wilson’s vision will transform Sandy Point by employing the history and many talents of the community. His much acclaimed projects include the Reach Out and Touch

Arts programme in association with the Sandy Point Art Association (SPARTA), which raised $30,000 for arts accessibility, and Destination Sandy Point, a multi-sector programme that will transform Sandy Point to a tourist centre, highlighting the town’s history and creating new business activity focused on Cleverly Hill and Pump Bay.