Dr Earl Asim Martin

Dr. Earl Asim Martin, Deputy Political Leader

Dr. Earl Asim Martin,
Deputy Political Leader

Dr. Martin has held a number of senior Ministerial positions since he was first elected to Parliament in 1993. In 1995, as Minister of Health and Women’s Affairs, he laid the foundations for radical and continuing measures to upgrade health services, including free ante- and post-natal care and the rebuilding and renovation of hospitals and health centers. In 2000, Dr. Martin was appointed Minister of Health and Environment and after the most recent election in 2010, he was appointed Minister for Housing, Public Works, Energy and Public Utilities.

Dr. Martin believes moving St Kitts and Nevis from complete reliance on fossil fuels to a nation that is pushing the way for renewable energy is one of his biggest achievements in office.  His groundbreaking reforms of the energy market, to improve energy efficiency and hold down costs for present and future generations of the people of the Federation is a model many other countries are following.

Dr. Martin grew up in the care of his aunt and her family in Baker’s Corner, East Basseterre, where he attended the Newtown Primary School and Basseterre High School.

After a brief career as a teacher at the Irish Town Primary School, Dr. Martin went to the University of Havana, Cuba, in 1982 to study medicine. In 1983 he was awarded a diploma in Spanish by the Higher Education Institute of Havana, and he taught Basic Science at the University while pursuing his studies. He graduated as a medical doctor in 1989 and returned to St Kitts, where he entered private practice.

Dr. Martin has always been active in the community. He served as President of the Zero Nites Youth Club from its inception in 1977 until he left for Cuba in 1982. He is a former leader of the Newtown Scout Group and was the physician for the Newtown Football team, providing free medical services from 1990 until 1995, both to this team and to other sporting groups and youth camps.

Dr. Martin continues to give strong support to sporting organizations and to his alma mater, the Tucker- Clarke Primary School. He also delivers motivational speeches to the Newtown Football Club in preparation for playoffs.

Having chosen a life of service as a medical doctor and as a public servant, Dr. Martin’s experience in government spans two decades, during which he has unwaveringly stood by what is right for the country. His appointments as Cabinet Minister include working in infrastructure, gender equality, healthcare and the environment. Constituency #1 enjoys the fruits that successful leadership and insightful policies can bring when a caring representative is in place to work for the benefit of local communities. Dr. Martin is keen to continue working for progress and to serve the people of Constituency #1 as he has for the past twenty years.